What is the standard size of a pool table? A Comprehensive Look at Pool Table Sizes

The size of a pool table is an important factor to consider, as it can affect your playing experience and the space required to set up the table. In this article, we’ll explore the standard size of a pool table and discuss some of the factors that can influence its dimensions. So, what is the standard size of a pool table?

The standard and most popular size of the pool table is 8ft. It’s a medium between the two other common table sizes. Dimensions of the 8 ft pool table are 8’ x 4’, with a playing surface of 88’’ x 44’’. That’s the perfect size for home pool tables.

Even though 8 ft is a standard size that doesn’t mean that will fit in the room you planned for keeping the pool table. You should consider other sizes and their typical uses and after you have all the needed information it will be a piece of cake for you to determine what you need.

What is the standard size of a pool table?

What is the standard size of a pool table

When talking about official or regulation pool table size that means that we talk about tables with a playing surface whose length is twice as long as its width.

That can actually include any size of the table as long as its length and width are in a 2:1 ratio.

Anyhow, when people are asking the question: what is the standard size of a pool table or what is the official pool table size, they’re usually getting that the 8 foot or 7 foot are the official table size. 

What are pool table sizes?

Pool tables come in different sizes and which you will choose depends on you. The size usually impacts the difficulty level.

An 8 ft table is considered a medium-difficulty table, smaller ones are on a lower difficulty level and bigger ones need more advanced billiard skills.

Below you’ll find out what are pool table sizes and maybe you’ll recognize which one is the best for you.

6 foot pool table

Most 6 foot tables are between 29 ¼-inches and 31 inches tall. They aren’t considered mini but they aren’t full-size as well.

The play surface dimension is 70’’ x 35’’. Those tables are great for beginners and casual play since the size makes the game less difficult.

7 foot pool table

Another name for a 7 foot pool table is a bar box since they are popular in bars.

They are also ideal in homes, but for more serious play larger tables are needed. A standard 7 foot Pool Table has a playing area of 78’’ x 39”

8 foot pool table

We already mentioned this size of a table, it’s considered tournament size. It has a playing surface of 88’’ x 44’’ and it’s the most common pool table size.

9 foot pool table

This size of pool table is great for professional players and for those who want to develop their playing skills. The playing area is 50″ x 100″.

Mini pool tables 

These days we can find different sizes of mini pool tables on the market. One of the most common sizes is 4 ft.

Those are perfect for kids who are interested in playing pool, but they are too small for adults.

What size is a bar pool table?

The most popular bar pool table is a 7 ft table. That’s because this size of a pool table is the most common size that’s coin-operated in bars.

If you ever played pool in a bar or a billiard club, you’ve probably played it on a 7 ft table.

If you’re planning to buy a table for billiards, now you know what size is a bar pool table.

You also need to know that a 7 ft pool table has exact measurements of 93’’ x 54’’, with a height of between 29’’ and 31’’.

If you decide to buy a 7 ft pool table, you need to know that a table of this size requires at least 3’5’’ of clearing space to ensure comfortable playing.

Don’t forget that pool cues are on average between 48’’ and 57’’ and you need to have enough space to play properly.

Full-size pool table dimension

A standard, 8ft table is also called a “Full-size pool table”. A full-size pool table dimension is 88’’ x 44’’ and it’s a bestseller for most USA private shoppers.

The height of standard 8ft tables isn’t precisely defined and it’s in the range between 29’’ and 31’’.

If we’re talking about professional pool tables, then a 9ft table is a full-size pool table.

Its dimensions are 100’’ x 50’’ and this is the standard dimension for all professional pool tournaments.

What size is a professional/official pool table?

In the USA, pool leagues consider a 9 ft table as an official size for tournaments.

But that’s not a complete answer to the question: what size is a professional/official pool table?

There are many pool halls in America that will use 8 ft tables instead of 9 ft. 

On the other hand, most English pool leagues use 7 ft tables for their games with some exceptions with the usage of 6 ft tables.

While the length and width are precisely defined, the pool table height is more flexible and it’s defined in a range between 29’’ and 31’’.

What size is a snooker table?

If you’re a snooker fan, then you probably want to know what size is a snooker table. Snooker tables come in three standard sizes:

  1. 12ft x 6ft
  2. 10ft x 5ft
  3. 9ft x 4ft 

The 12 ft x 6 ft is also called a “Full-size table” and it requires a lot of space.

For the ones who can’t afford that much space, remain to choose two other, smaller, options which are still quite large for the ones used to play on pool tables.

Average pool table size

An average pool table size depends on its purpose, so here are three main groups of pool tables:

  1. Bar table – 7ft (39’’ x 78’’)
  2. Standard table – 8ft (88’’ x 44’’)
  3. Tournament table 9ft (100’’ x 50’’)

Though there are some other pool table dimensions, these three dimensions are considered standard.

Unlike the length and width, pool table height aren’t precisely defined, but it can’t be under 29’’ and exceed 31’’.

What size pool table should I buy?

If you’re wondering: What size pool table should I buy? you need to consider your home space.

Generally speaking, pool playing should make you feel comfortable. It’s not enough just to install the table in your entertainment room, you also need to have a lot of space around the table for players to shoot.

How to Measure a Pool Table?

Measuring a pool table is crucial when you decide to buy it. If you still don’t know how to measure a pool table, there are a few things you need to know: pool tables are measured from the inside of the playing area.

Simply, you measure it from one tip of the inside rail to another. But don’t let it trick you.

You also need to measure it from one edge to another, that’s crucial when you’re planning your space.

What is the height of a pool table?

There isn’t a single answer to the question: What is the height of a pool table?

Unlike other dimensions, like length and width, which are precisely defined, the World Pool-Billiard Association is more flexible when it comes to pool table height.

The WPA states that the maximum pool table height should not exceed 31 inches and the average pool table height should be between 29 inches and 31 inches.

What size room do you need for a pool table?

To make the proper decision and know what size room you need for a pool table you should consider not only the size of the table but also the cue length you plan to use.

In the pool table size chart below you’ll find out what would be recommended room size for specific table sizes and cue lengths.

Table SizePreferable Room Size
7 ft table11’3″ X 14’6″
7 ft table11’9″ X 15’2″
7 ft table12’8″ X 16″
8 ft table11’9″ X 15’4″
8 ft table12’4″ X 16″
8 ft table13’2″ X 16’9″
9 ft table12’3″ X 16’4″
9 ft table12’10” X 17′
9 ft table13’8″ X 17’10”

What size room for a snooker table?

Almost every passionate snooker player faces the same issue: what size room for a snooker table should be?

A snooker table is massive and requires A LOT of space. Maybe it doesn’t seem that way when you watch it on TV, but when you stand in front of it it’s a totally different story. 

If you ever played snooker, you’ve probably played it in a snooker or pool club and you know how massive the snooker table is.

Believe me, it will look even bigger when you install it in your room. In other words, you need a massive room to fulfill your requirements.

Of course, the larger room you have, the more comfortable your game will be. Here is a chart with minimum room dimensions for different snooker tables:

Snooker table sizePlaying areaMinimum room dimensions for Full-size pool cue 58’’
12 ft 12’ x 6’22′ x 16′
10 ft10’ x 5’20′ x 15′
9 ft9′ x 4½’19′ x 14½’
8 ft8’ x 4’ 18′ x 14′

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. I gave you a detailed explanation about what is the standard size of a pool table and presented you with some interesting facts about pool and snooker, hoping to bring you closer to this magnificent game.

If you still have any questions or doubts, please, don’t hesitate, to leave a comment and I’ll gladly respond.

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