How to replace a pool cue tip? Quick 6-Step DIY Guide

Every pool player is passionate about his pool cue. To deliver extraordinary results, a cue needs to be in perfect condition. Replacing a cue tip is one of the most important tasks for every passionate pool player. Whether you’re a Sunday league player or a pro, you should know how to replace a pool cue tip.

Replacing a cue tip costs approximately $20. But if you don’t want to spend around $20 on a tip replacement, you can save money and customize it by yourself just by following these simple steps: remove the old cue tip, clean the top of the ferrules, sand a new pool cue tip, attach a pool cue tip, assemble the tip clamp and shape the tip. 

Below you’ll see which tip replacement tools are the best to use when you’re replacing pool cue tips at home and how to use them. Basically, you’ll discover how to replace a pool cue tip all by yourself with little effort. 

How to replace a pool cue tip? 

How to replace a pool-cue tip

How to replace a pool cue tip? 

Total Time: 55 minutes

  1. Remove the old cue tip

    To get rid of the old cue tip use the trimmer. Go as close as you can to the ferrule, but pay attention since the blades are sharp and you wouldn’t be the first person that cut his finger while using the trimmer. Drag the trimmer several times over the cue tip and remove any glue and skin residue. Try to avoid gashing the side of the cue, as you can damage it that way.

  2. Clean the top of the ferrules

    Make the new cue tip fit perfectly, the ferrule should be completely flat and clean.

  3. Sand a new pool cue tip

    Make new cue tip sides rough by using sandpaper. The pool cue should also be sanded. It’s necessary to do this in the right way so that the tip can adhere to the surface. Below you’ll find a detailed explanation of how to shape a pool cue tip with sandpaper.

  4. Attach a pool cue tip

    Apply glue to the ferrule. Center a pool cue tip before attaching it and firmly press the tip. Make sure there are not any air pockets between the tip and the ferrule. Wipe off extra glue from the ferrule ASAP.

  5. Assemble the tip clamp

    Install the tip clamp by using a rubber band. Put a rubber band at the pool cue tip’s center and pull down the clamp. Keep it that way for 10 to 15 minutes until the glue dries.

  6. Shape the tip

    The last step is to shave off the sides of the newly installed tip. Carefully remove the leather and glue remains and continue sanding the tip until it’s perfectly fitted to your pool stick.

Pool cue tip replacement tools

No matter how often you play pool, a pool cue tip over time simply gets worn out. How you replace your pool cue tip can determine your next game.

So, when you’re replacing it, you always need to have proper pool cue tip replacement tools.

If you’re planning to replace your pool cue tip, here are the basic tools you need: cutter, sander, trimmer, tip clamp, sharper, and scuffer.

  • Cutter

You’re using a cutter to remove an old pool cue tip. Cutter has the same blade as the scalpel. In other words, it’s very sharp so be careful while using it. 

  • Trimmer

A trimmer is used to remove the excess of tip. Most cue tips are 14 mm in diameter, while the diameter of the ferrule below the tip is usually 12 mm, so you need the trimer to make a ferrule perfectly fit the cue tip.

  • Sander

The role of the sander is the same as in every other woodworking craft – to give proper finishing to the wood. You use it to sand the tip and remove glue debris and flatten all curves and bumps.

  • Tip clamp

A tip clamp is used to add pressure on cue as the adhesive applied on a new tip dries. 

  • Sharpener

It’s not a mandatory tool, used only if you want to have a pool cue tip specifically shaped. It’s mainly used by experienced players.

  • Scuffer

The role of the scuffer is to hold the chalk properly when players chalk the pool cue tip.

Best pool cue tip repair kit

I spent some time researching pool cue repair kits and I’ll present it to you, hoping you’ll find the best pool cue tip repair kit for your cue.

  1. Scott Edward 10 pcs in Set Snooker Cue Repairs Kit

This is my absolute winner. This kit has the best price/value ratio. For less than $30, this set gives you two sandpapers, a cue tip sander, a cue sharpener, a Cue Tip Protective case, a long cue tip sander, and an L-shape tip repairer tool, and Cue Polisher, Pricker, and clamp.

  1. Tweeten Deluxe Cue Tip Repair Kit

A simple, budget cue tip repair kit that will come in handy for you. This kit includes Cement, Cue Tips, Tip Clamp, Cue Top Sander, Tip Scuffer, Cue Chalk, Table Spots, Felt Repair Kit, Backers, and more.

  1. Collapsar Pool Cue Tip Repair Tool

This 5-in-1 repair kit includes a scuffer, sharper, aerator, burnisher, and radius gauge. The downside is that it doesn’t include a sander and glue, so you’ll have to spend some extra money.

  1. Gator Premium Pool Cue Tip Accessory Repair Kit

This premium package is a must-have for any serious pool player. The package includes 6 pieces of 12-layer high-quality cue tips, 4 Ferrules, 1 Tip Sharpener, 1 Tip Shaper, 1 Tip Clamp, 1 Cue Tip Glue, and 1 Set of White Plastic Clamp.

  1. EastPoint Sports Deluxe Table and Cue Tip Repair Kit

The package includes 6 12mm leather cue tips, 6 13mm leather cue tips, 4 chalk cubes, 3 sandpaper pieces, 2 table spots, 2 cloth mender pieces, 1 metal clamp, and 1 tube of cue tip cement. 

How to glue a tip on a pool cue?

Before gluing the new tip on a ferrule it’s extremely important to be sure that both the ferrule and a cue tip are rough. Only rough surfaces can glue properly because the glue slides off smooth surfaces. 

After you ensure both components are rough enough just cover the tip with the glue and give an even spread around.

You can even use an accelerator on ferrule if you have it. That will help to make a strong bond between the ferrule and the tip.

Line them up accurately, since you’re not going to get a second chance. That’s all you should know when it comes to the question of how to glue a tip on a pool cue.

Best glue for pool cue tips

To spare you from trouble and keep searching for the best glue for pool cue tips here you’ll find my three favorite picks.

Perfectly liquid and easy for applying without making a mess. Even a thin layer on the ferrule and the tip can make perfect results within a minute. 

This one is one of the most powerful glues on the market. It has advanced adhesive technology which will spare you time by bonding your cue tip in 15 seconds.

If you’re on a budget this one is a perfect fit for you. Bottle of 20g you can use for 10, even 20 times. 

How to shape a pool cue tip with sandpaper 

It’s possible to shape a pool cue tip without other tools, just with sandpaper. Using this simple tool you can give a custom shape to your cue tip that suits your playing techniques.

The first time in replacing the tip process when you can use sandpaper is when you want to make a rough ferrule and cue tip surface that needs to be glued.

Once you’re finished with gluing you can use sandpaper again. This time you can use it to sand a tip.

It would be smart to cover the ferrule with tape to avoid damaging it while sanding. Damages on a ferrule are irreversible so try to be careful on this one. 

Perfect results you can achieve if you put sandpaper on some curvy board. It would help you to remove extra glue or part hanging beyond the ferrule. 

Afterward, take medium roughness sandpaper and grind the tip in a downward direction starting from the tip center towards the edge.

Make sure you’re turning the cue all the time while doing this to have an even tip. These moves will make the center of the tip higher than the edges.

To make it even use coarse sandpaper and give just a few rubs on the top. And that’s all you need to do to know how to shape a pool cue tip with sandpaper.

How to replace a pool cue tip ferrule 

To replace a pool cue tip ferrule, you just need a pair of pliers. Remove the ferrule by squeezing the split on the opposite side and moving it around to remove it.

Don’t twist too hard to avoid twisting off the tenon. 

What is the best tip for pool cues?

There is no unique answer to this question, but I’ll try to tell you what is the best tip for pool cues. I did some research and here are my top 5 favorites.

  1. CUESOUL Cue Tips

This is my top pick. It’s a medium hardness cue tip, made of pig leather. Cuesoul cue tips are easy to install and maintain. It fits both the pool and snooker cues. Tough for the snooker cue it needs some sharpening, but it’s still very simple to shape. These tips come in bundles of 5 pieces.

  1. KAMUI Clear Black Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP

It’s a high-performance cue tip. Easy to install, it delivers amazing results. It’s a top choice for every serious pool player. The only downside of this cue tip is the price – for $25 you’ll get only 1 piece.

  1. Tiger Emerald Laminated Billiard CUE Tips

A masterpiece from Tiger Emerald, made of pig leather. It’s a medium-hard pool cue tip. For approx. price of $15 you’ll get 2 pcs. It’s easy to install and it delivers amazing results.

  1. Bulletproof Break Tips

It’s great value for money. Made of polymers, it will guarantee your satisfaction. It’s even used by pros like Jr World Champion Mortiz Neuhausen, Valeria Trushevskaya, Diana Khalikova, and many others.

  1. Elk Master 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Tips

Made of specially treated pig leather, it’s a super soft pool cue tip. It comes in bundles of 5 pieces.

Soft vs Medium pool cue tips

If you want to make a decision between soft vs medium pool cue tips, you need to be aware of every pool cue tip type feature.

The soft tip absorbs more impact and stays on a ball a bit longer than other tips, which allows you to make more spin than with other types.

Besides this obvious advantage, there are two main downsides of soft pool cue tips:

  1. It creates less impact force than other tips
  2. It misshapes faster than others and needs to be replaced more frequently

Hard tip creates a bigger impact force than other types and it lasts longer. The downside is that it creates less spin which, if you’re a serious player, can cause serious issues.
A medium tip is a perfect combination of soft and hard tips. It has combined features of both previous types, which makes it perfect for beginners and recreational players.

What are ultra skin pool cue tips?

A special type of pool cue tip is the ultra skin pool cue tip. These tips are designed for experienced players. With density at 62.2, they’re great for spins and tricks.

How to measure pool cue tip size?

Use a micrometer or a tip gauge to measure a cue tip. Maybe you already know that the tip gauge looks like a credit card and it has a couple of different size holes in it.

By using it you’ll know how to measure pool cue tip size. Mostly cue tips can be found in sizes from 11mm to 14mm. 

How often should you scuff pool cue tip?

If you’re not sure how often you should scuff pool a cue tip, scuff it after every few games.

The tip is to be smoother after every game and chalk will have less and less to cling to. That will make you make more mistakes while trying to be precise. 

Final thoughts 

I hope now you have an answer to the question of how to replace a pool cue tip. We tried to cover this topic in as much detail as possible.

Still, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly answer you. 

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