How to level a pool table? [Techniques to make a perfect balance]

The unleveled pool table is one of the main game spoilers and there isn’t a single player that hasn’t faced this issue, so each player faces the same issue: How to level a pool table?

Measure the long and short mid-line of the pool with the carpenter’s level to see which part of the table is out of the lever. Adjust the height of the leg according to the manufacturer’s instructions (if the legs are adjustable). As an alternative, you can use shims to fine-tune the level.

This article will give you more detailed information about the main reasons for pool table unleveling and steps to solve the leveling issue. Also, I’ll present to you the most popular pool leveling kits with instructions for using them.

Best ways to level a pool table

How to level a pool table

You can perform pool table leveling by yourself or you can hire professionals. I advise you not to waste your money and read some useful tips and tricks for doing it.

It’s not that hard, but you need to follow some basic rules of physics and logic.

If you want to level your pool table fast and easily, one of the best ways to level a pool table is to buy leg levelers, they’re available in every well-equipped pool store, or you can buy them online.

While you’re waiting for your leg levelers to arrive, you can detect the unleveled side of the table, use the old plastic playing cards, and put them under the unleveled table leg.

Due to the cards’ thinness, you can add them up until you get the perfect leveling.

Of course, you will need a water level to measure the level. If you don’t have a level tool, you can download the leveling-up on your phone.

This is the cheapest and the fastest option to level your table. At least, it will help you until you get a professional leveling kit.

What causes a pool table to be unlevel?

If you start investigating what causes a pool table to be unlevel, you’ll discover 3 main reasons for it:

1. Floor surface

The surface itself is the most common reason for an unleveled table.

Though the surface may seem leveled and you don’t feel it under your legs, even if the surface slightest unleveled may cause the balls to start rolling on their own.

So, before you install the table in your room, measure the space and mark the spots where the legs will be installed.

Then, use the level to make sure all the spots are leveled. Otherwise, you’ll have to move or dismantle your table afterward.

2. Weight

Even the lightest table weighs at least 100 kg (220 pounds) and its weight can go up to 1200 kg (2640 pounds).

Having that in mind, the weight can significantly affect the surface, or the pool legs and cause an unleveled surface after some time.

Also, many players are adding their weight to the table.

While some players lay or sit on table edges while performing long-range shots which cause enormous pressure on table legs, the others are just careless and casually sit on the table, which makes the same effect.

3. Loosen bolts and screws

After some time of use, each table just gets worn out and bolts and screws get loosened. This is especially true if you have to move the table in one piece.

So, bear in mind to regularly check all the bolts, starting from table legs, all the way up to the rails.

Pool table leg levelers

Pool table leg levelers are the most convenient way to level your table. They’re made of stainless steel and they’re pretty easy to attach to any table.

Of course, you’ll need a couple of pairs of helping hands to attach them, but once you do it, it will be easy for you to shift the table height and level it perfectly.

Pool table leveling kit

If you don’t have a specialized pool equipment store nearby, the best option for you is to search for a pool table leveling kit online.

Many online stores, such as Amazon, offer a wide range of leveling kits and packages. These three are among the most popular ones:

FlatJax pool table levelers

FlatJax pool table levelers are one of the best on the market. Very simple and easy to use, they offer frictionless table lifting and leveling.

All you need to do is place it under the unleveled table leg and shift it with a screwdriver. It can hold up to 540 kg (1200 pounds), which is more than enough for most non-professional tables.

FlatJax comes in a package of four levelers and a top-quality screwdriver. The downside of this product is its price, it’s quite expensive.

Valley pool table leg levelers

Valley pool table leg levelers are pretty straightforward, all you need to do is to screw them to your table legs.

The downside is that you need to lift your table and you definitely can’t do it on your own. But once the levelers are installed, they can easily be shifted over and over again.

These levelers come in a package of 4.

Brunswick pool table leg levelers

Brunswick pool table leg levelers work the same way as Valley levelers, they need to be screwed to the table legs. They’re made of top-quality aluminum, which ensures quality and durability.

With the high quality comes the high price: this set of four levelers costs in excess of $250 and they’re among the most expensive ones on the market.

Leveling pool table slate

Leveling pool table slate depends on the type of table you own. If you own a single-slate table, you need to level the table to the floor by shimming it and that’s all you can do.

Dismantling a single-slate table can just cause additional damage, so stick to the table legs and work on them to adjust the table.

How to level a 3-piece slate pool table?

If you own a three-slate table, then it’s a two-step process: first, you need to level the table legs to the floor, then you can shim between the slates to get the perfect level.

When you do it, bear in mind its weight. One wrong move can cost you a fingertip.

Leveling a pool table on the carpet

Placing a pool table on a carpet can be challenging since the table requires a stable, level floor for proper positioning. However, leveling a pool table on the carpet isn’t impossible.

The carpet padding is made from foam and it’ll compress down when you place a pool table on it. Weeks are needed to fully compress depending on the type of padding.

Only after this, you’ll be able to level your table properly. Once padding settles, indentations will remain permanently on the carpet.

The best level for a pool table

In this case, the best level for a pool table is, at the same time, the simplest one – a carpenter level.

These days, you can also purchase the digital carpenter level, but if you don’t want to spend too much money, the analog one will do the work.

The third option is to download a leveling app on your phone. It’s free and you don’t need to leave your home to get it.

Cost to level a pool table

There are different costs to level a pool table if you’re doing it yourself or if you’re hiring a professional.

You’ll need to pay an hourly rate of around $80 to have someone come out to your house to level your pool table with a service call-out fee of $60 to $95.

The final cost will vary depending on how much work is needed to fix the problem but usually between $240 and $360.

In case you’re leveling the table yourself, costs will be hard to predict since it can be $0 if you don’t need to buy any equipment and it can cost you even more than hiring a professional if you need to buy all the needed tools.

How to level a pool table with adjustable legs?

Managing pool tables with adjustable legs is pretty simple. First, try to raise the shortest leg slightly. If that doesn’t help, raise the leg of your table by one degree.

Maybe you also need to adjust the other three legs accordingly. You’re going to need to do many tweaks to level the table properly.

How to level a pool table without adjustable legs?

The easiest way to level a pool table that doesn’t have adjustable legs is by using the shims. You’re going to need to insert shims under the table legs until you level it up.

Of course, if you don’t have shims or you don’t want to spend money on them you can use shards of wood.

Whichever way you choose you’re going to need some help from other people since you can’t lift a table yourself.

How to level a pool table on an uneven floor?

Proper preparation is half the work, so before you install the table, you need to level up the floor.

But if you can’t avoid an uneven floor, then you’ll probably wonder how to level a pool table on an uneven floor.

This issue can be solved in three ways:

  1. Adding shims under the uneven leg – The fastest and the best short-term solution. It could also be a long-term solution if you don’t move your table.
  1. Mounting leg levelers before installing the table – It’s the best long-term option. This way you’ll be able to make additional adjustments if needed.
  1. Mounting leg levelers after the table is installed – Since you need to lift the table, you’ll need a few strong people to help you with it.

How to level a pool table with shims?

Most pool tables come with shims that can be used to even out the playing surface of your pool table. Before inserting shims, determine which side needs to be leveled.

You’re going to need someone’s assistance to lift the side of the table from the ground. Afterward, simply install a shim under the leg. If it’s still not perfect at first, adjust the shim until it is.

How to level different pool table brands?

Regardless of the pool table brand you own, they all have something in common: they’re heavy and they need occasional level adjustments.

How to level a Brunswick pool table?

Brunswick produces top-quality tables and when it comes to leveling, table levelers aren’t an exception. Their Brunswick-only specialized leg levelers, named Gold Crown Leg Levelers might be costly, but easy to use.

How to level a Diamond pool table?

Diamond, as one of the best table manufacturers, doesn’t have specialized leg levelers, so you can decide to buy whichever suits you. While buying, just pay attention to the leg bottom measurements and try to find one that fits perfectly.

How to level a Valley pool table?

Valley, similar to Brunswick, produces specialized leg levelers for their table. So if you don’t know how to level a Valley pool table, you can order their leg levelers. In a package of 4 levelers, you’ll get a manual with detailed instructions.

How to avoid a common leveling problem?

Without proper equipment and knowledge, every DIY project can cause you headaches, and the leveling pool table process it’s no different.

Those are the most common mistakes people usually make and how to avoid them:

  1. External factors were not considered

Wind, temperature, sunlight, and other environmental factors should be taken into account since they can seriously affect the pool table level with time.

You need to take precautions to avoid a negative impact on your final results. My advice is to avoid pool table leveling during extreme weather conditions since you cannot do much when it’s too windy or too hot.

Even though you can use an umbrella to protect yourself from sunlight that can still bother you while reading instructions.

  1. The level is initially set up incorrectly

In many situations, lack of preciseness, experience, or instruments can cause initial issues with leveling.

Try to be as precise as possible and follow the guide step by step, or hire a professional to do the first setup for you.

Final thoughts

Nikola Tesla called the pool “The subtlest game of perfection and logic” and it’s for a reason, that every pool player knows how joyful a pool game can be.

Still, to experience the full enjoyment of this game, you need to keep your table in perfect condition.

Pool table leveling shouldn’t be hard if you follow some basic principles and instructions.

I presented to you some useful tips about pool table leveling, but if you still have any questions or doubts, please, don’t hesitate, to leave a comment and I’ll gladly respond.

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