How Many Balls Are On a Pool Table? Answer for 9 Different Pool Games

Have you ever wondered how many balls are on a pool table? In this article, we will explore the number and arrangement of the balls, as well as their role in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, this article will provide valuable insights into the world of pool. So, how many balls are on a pool table?

The number of object balls used in each game can vary depending on what type of pool you’re playing. For example, an 8-Ball pool makes use of 15 object balls and a cue ball while 9-Ball uses only 9 object balls and a cue ball. There are even some games that use only 3 object balls.

How many balls are on a pool table you’ll have depends on the type of game you’ve chosen. In the following paragraphs, I’ll explain to you how many balls are needed for the most popular pool games in the world.

How many balls are on a pool table?

How many balls are on a pool table

How many balls are on a pool table you’re going to need depends on the kind of game you’re planning to play. The number can vary from 3 to 22.

Learn more about the types of billiard games to know how many balls you should prepare before playing.

1. 8 Ball pool 

At the start of the game, all 15 object balls should be racked and placed at the foot spot of the table for the break. The number 8-ball should be placed in the center of the rack.

One stripe and one solid ball should be placed at each bottom corner of the racking triangle, with the number 1 ball at the top.

2. 9 Ball pool 

At the start of the game, all 9 object balls should be racked and placed at the foot spot of the table for the break.

The number 1-ball should be placed at the top of the triangle and the number 9-ball should be placed in the center. All of the other object balls should surround the 9-ball in random order.

3. 10 Ball Pool 

This game should be played with 10 object balls and the cue ball. 10-Ball is similar to 8-ball in that you must pocket the 10 balls before you pocket all of your other balls, but it’s different because there are no stripes or solids: just numbers 1 through 10! 

4. 7 Ball Pool 

The 7-ball pool is the most popular variant of the pool, requiring 7 object balls, numbered 1 through 7, and the cue ball.

The number 1-ball must be placed at the head of the triangle with the number 7-ball in the center. The rest of the balls, 2 through 6, should be placed in order, clockwise around the 7-ball.

5. 3 Ball Pool 

This game only uses 3 object balls numbered 1-3, placed at the top of a racking triangle with the number 1-ball at the head position.

6. One Pocket

The fun game of One Pocket is played on a billiard table with 15 balls in a triangle rack.

The object of the game is to win by pocketing eight balls into one pocket of the table. The first player to reach this goal wins.

7. 14.1 Continuous 

In this game, you should use all 15 objects and the cue ball. The game requires players to call which ball will fall into which pocket before they make a move.

After 14 balls are pocketed, they are returned to the table and racked, but with vacant front space.

The player then continues to try to pocket the 15th ball in such a way that the newly racked balls are not disturbed.

8.  Cutthroat (Elimination)

All 15 object balls are used in this game along with two cue balls per player.

The number 1-ball should be placed at the head position of the triangle with the number 6-ball and 11-ball placed in the bottom two corners of the triangle.

9. Snooker

When talking about pool games we must mention snooker as one of the most popular games. This game is played on an English billiards table.

It’s necessary to have 15 red, 6 colored, and one white, striker cue ball. Points are scored by pocketing balls and forcing an opponent to give away points through a ‘snooker’.

Snooker can be played by two players, in pairs, or even in a team.

How many pool balls are there in a set?

The pool is a game that has been around since the 17th century when it was played with only one ball and a cue stick.

Today, the pool is played in many variations and with many different types of balls, and in every game pool balls consist but in different numbers.

1. American Pool 

This version of the pool uses one cue ball and seven solid-colored balls (1-7) as well as seven striped balls (9-15) in a pool ball set.

There is also an eight ball that can be used to sink any ball on the table.

Players must sink their assigned group of balls first before moving on to sink the eight balls. American pool balls are 2 ¼” (57mm) in diameter.

2. British Pool 

Another type of pool is known as the British Pool or Blackball which includes unnumbered balls instead of numbered ones as the American pool does.

This version also includes one black ball which must be sunk before any other colored balls can be sunk. British (or English) pool balls are 2 3/16” (56mm) in diameter.

How many balls are in the snooker set?

The snooker set contains 22 balls. There is one white ball and 15 red balls – each one is worth 1 point, one yellow – 2 points, one green – 3 points, one brown – 4 points, one blue – 5 points, one pink – 6 points, and one black – 7 points.

To sum it up

Today, there is a wide variety of pool games that are played either for relaxation by the poolside at hotels or upscale clubs and bars or for competition in various amateur leagues, tournaments, and championships.

Every game has its own rules and requires a certain number of balls on the table and one pool cue per person.

I hope that after reading this article you have an answer to the question: “how many balls are on a pool table”.

In case you need more information don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I’ll gladly share my knowledge with you.

Have fun playing and keep those object balls hitting!

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