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Space Needed for Pool Table Explained [Most Common Sizes]

Before making a final pick on the size and type of pool table you’re buying, it is essential to look into how much space you need for your pool table. The pool table needs moderate space to enjoy games on it. Considering the movement of your cues at different positions and angles, the surrounding area … Read more

So How Heavy is a Pool Table? [100 Tables Weight Comparison]

The pool game is one of the best and exciting indoor games ever invented. It has been around for centuries, and different pool tables have emerged from different brands and materials. However, if you’re thinking of owning one, you should consider pool table weight as well, not just price! How Heavy is a Pool Table? … Read more

How to Get a Pool Table Upstairs featured

How to Get a Pool Table Upstairs? [A Quick How-To Guide]

The first pool game was played outdoor, until years later when the need arose to make it an indoor game. Moving and changing a pool table wasn’t a nut to crack in its earliest days. Times have changed since then, so let’s take a look at How to Get a Pool Table Upstairs today. Here’s … Read more