When was billiards invented? A magical game older than America

Did you know that billiards was invented before Christopher Columbus discovered America? Throughout centuries, billiards became one of the most popular games worldwide. Even Tesla, one of the biggest minds that humanity has ever seen, was crazy about billiards, calling it: “The subtlest game of perfection and logic, composed of laws of physics, chess combinatorics, … Read more

Where are Lucasi Cues Made featured

Where are Lucasi Cues Made? [Still in the US?]

Lucasi cues have been revolutionizing the billiard world for over 20 years now.  They’re setting high standards in the pool world with their exotic woods combined with incredible designs and production techniques. Where are Lucasi cues made? Lucasi cues are made in the same factory that Poison and Universal sticks are made: in Taicang, which … Read more

10 Interesting Gifts For Pool Players featured

10 Interesting Gifts For Pool Players [For Everyone]

Everyone closer to a pool lover knows how the pool game can be attracting and demanding at times. Getting gifts for pool players who is a pro or a beginner is sometimes hard because you don’t know what they fancy. If you’re making It a surprise, it gets harder to crack because you can’t ask. … Read more

A List of Best Billiards Instructional DVDs [Books Included]

Do you want to learn to play pool game? Have you ever had it in mind that one day you’ll become an advanced and professional pool player? Do you want to develop your hobby? Well, there are different reasons why an enthusiast or a beginner would want to learn the pool game. Perhaps you’re too … Read more

How to Clean Discolored Balls featured

How to Clean Discolored Balls? [3 Different Ways]

After long hours of work and traveling for business, you’re back to your zone or man cave to give yourself a quality refreshing treat of the pool game. You found out that your game equipment is looking dusty and discolored; this is often disappointing as you can only have a smooth and exciting game with … Read more

Why is Billiards Called Pool? [Astonishing History Explained]

Often, this question comes to mind and leaves me wondering why is billiards called pool. Recently I took out time to do some research on the two words; I’ve got a few things to share with you on this. Why is Billiards called Pool? Before the 20th century, a collective betting game called pool was … Read more