About Us

Finding the perfect equipment can be difficult. And it’s hard to find a trusted source of information you can rely on.

We get it. And it’s the reason Cue Maniac exists.

Aleksander “Alex” O., the founder, started playing pool when he was 18.

Alex and snooker table
Alex with his love – amazing table for snooker.

Around that time, he was playing it with his military buddies, and they were playing hard.

After military service, Alex and his friends started playing in the underground pool scene against other underground clubs.

He once told me how this all looked like.

“During the day, the place we played in was a small local hotel & cinema. After midnight, the owners of this hotel closed all doors for us.

Then the fun began. We were playing something like “king of the hill” pool for money. Whoever won the match stayed on the table, while the losers had to leave. We usually played until the dawn, every day.

He also told me … “I would come home at around 6 am every day, smelling like I was working in a Tobacco factory.”

That immediately reminded me of ‘The Color of Money’ movie!

Nowadays, he’s playing casually with his friends and me, and we’re always in search of great places where we can play pool all day long. And yes, we share our experiences on our site – CueManiac.com

Written by Ziga O. His son.

Ziga on the left, and Alex on the right. This picture was taken on a local pool tournament, after we had a beer, or 2.